Past Events

To see photos from past events, please visit our Facebook page. 


November 2014: Thank you to everyone who came out to John Barleycorn on Wednesday, November 5 for Stimulus Social Club!  We raised a grand total of $3,125 for the Pets for Vets Chicagoland. The money raised will go towards pairing eligible veterans with shelter dogs that are in need of loving homes. Our guest hosts were: Michele Quinn, Mike Pastore, Kristin Samuelson, Susan Cappello, Sarah Mulder, Mike Malone, Tricia Spanos, Bobby Martin, Michelle, DeFalco, Brett Reed and Maggie McAteer.

August 2014: Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came out to Zella on Wednesday, August 6 for Stimulus Social Club! Thanks to your generosity, we raised $5,210 for the The Sports Shed. These funds will help the non-profit organization continue to collect and redistribute new and gently used sports equipment to kids in under-resourced areas throughout Illinois. Our guest hosts were: JP Compere, Danny Lewis, Kristin Larson, CJ Walstrom, llsa Connover, Susan Daniel, Ben Johnson, Cameron Hodgkinson, Sue Sernett, Regi Ratliff, Janet Wales and Kat Rojina.

July 2014: THANK YOU x 1,000,000 to everyone who came out to Benchmark for Stimulus Social Club. You all helped raise $2,560 for the National Association for Down Syndrome. This money will allow NADS to continue to offer information, support, and advocacy to ensure that all persons with Down Syndrome have the opportunity to achieve their potential in all aspects of community life. Our guest hosts were: Cherie Clark, Brandon Ham, Dominique Rogers, Wendie Clark, Carey Personette, Marisol Rasmussen and JP Compere.

June 2014: Thank you to everyone who came out to support Elyssa’s Mission this month at RM Champagne Salon!  We raised a grand total of $2,506 for the organization and saw 250+ attendees come through the doors in support of Elyssa’s Mission. Thank you again for joining us!  Our guest hosts were: Melissa Malnati, Kevin Snyder, Hadley MacDonald, Drew Hoffenberg, Zach Novak, Matt Matros.

May 2014: THANK YOU EVERYONE who came out to Stimulus Social Club this month!  You all helped to raise $2,465 for Pass With Flying Colors at Moe’s Cantina – River North. The money raised will provide one-on-one pre-college coaching: including support for each student as they prepare applications, write essays and complete financial aid requests. Great job everyone! Our guest hosts were: Sebastian Frohm, Matt Davidman, Lahna Thomas Nolen, Jude Nolden and Dino Shulatz.

April 2014: THANK YOU x 1,000,000 to every one of you that came out to the Stimulus Social Club 5th Anniversary event benefitting SSC and the Chicago Bulls Charities! You all helped raise over $6,000, and special thank you to all of our wonderful guest hosts: Tara Clack Bell from BRAVO‘s 100 Days of Summer, Eric Ferguson host of Eric & Kathy Mornings 101.9fm The MIX Chicago, James Case from The Bachelorette, Lou Canellis Sports Anchor for Fox Chicago News, Jane Monzures host of Living Healthy Chicago, Jamon Deaver EIC of The Almanac MagRyan Chiaverini host of Windy City LIVE, Edward Swiderski from The Bachelorette, LovehammersChicago LuvabullsBenny The Bull, Sidney Green – Bulls Ambassador, Bob Love – Bulls Ambassador.  You guys made it an anniversary we will never forgot!

March 2014: Thank you so much to all of you that supported our March event for Jumpstart!  A special thank you to Municipal Bar + Dining Co. for hosting, and another thank you to our absolutely wonderful guest hosts.  Jumpstart  helps low-income children in Chicago develop the language and literacy skills they need to be ready for kindergarten, setting them on a path for lifelong success.  And because of your support, we were able to raise $2,111 to help them continue their efforts. Thanks again!

February 2014: HUGE, huge thank you to everyone that came out to support Mercy for Animals at the newly-opened Godfrey Hotel.  Due to you we were able to raise a whopping $4,000 and all of the proceeds will help to spare farmed animals from cruelty.  Our guest hosts were: Hilary Clark, Karie Downing, Avery Connelly, Georgia Georggopouls, Aiyana Cristal, Natalie Stanichuk, Brian Pietrzycki, Marisa Buchheit, Carolyn Tampe, Elizabeth Tampe, Douglas Patterson.

January 2014: Stimulus Social Club thanks everyone who came to our January event at The Grid Chicago.  We raised $2,705 for the Alzheimer’s Association – Greater Illinois Chapter, an organization dedicated to eliminating Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; providing and enhancing care and support for all affected; and reducing the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.  Our guest hosts were: Megan Owens, Buffy Bains, Courtney Cooke, Gabriela Salgado, Marty Wilke, Jane Hayden, Nikki Rudman, Jared Johnson, Jesal Jobalia, Chris Princis.

December 2013: A huge thank you to everyone that attended our December event  at Moe’s Cantina.  We raised $2,650 for Designs 4 Dignity, an organization that harnesses the combined power of pro bono design and construction talent and donated materials to breathe new life into existing nonprofit spaces, giving them the platform from which they can better serve individuals in their focus mission.

November 2013: Thank you to everyone who came out for Stimulus Social Club’s November 6th event at John Barleycorn River North. With your help, we raised $1865 for Starlight Children’s Foundation Midwest. Their mission is to improve the life and health of kids and families in the Midwest.  Our guest hosts were: Kimberly Krupa, Emily Abbott, Mike Mullane, Joan Steltmann, Joan Timberlake, and Brittany Wright.

October 2013: A huge thank you to all of you who came out to Stimulus Social Club on October 2 at Moe’s Cantina River North. You helped raise $2,680 for the Noreen Fraser Foundation. 100% of that money will go towards breast cancer research at the The University of Chicago.  Our guest hosts were: Michelle McBride, Jennifer Kole, Pete McMurray, Kip Lewis and Jason Meklir.

September 2013: Big thanks to everyone who came out to Benchmark for our September Stimulus Social Club. You helped raise $2,120 for Alumni for Public Schools (APS) whose mission is to provide Chicago Public School’s students the opportunity to see success through alumni involvement. Our guest host was: Cameron Croft.

August 2013: A big thank you to our amazing crowd who came out to Stimulus Social Club’s August event at Japonais on Wednesday, August 7th. We raised $5,082 for The Chicago Lighthouse, whose mission is to serve people who are blind or visually impaired and assist them in leading richer, more independent lives.  Our guest hosts were: Megan Goldish, Marissa Greco, Martina Kruer, Michael Santos, and Adam Zebelia.

July 2013: Thank you to everyone who attended Stimulus Social Club’s July event at Quay. With your support, we raised $3,130 for The Cradle whose mission is to benefit children and all others touched by adoption — by compassionately delivering exceptional education, guidance and lifelong support to build, sustain and preserve nurturing families. Our guest hosts were: Corry Connelly, Jeff Marcella, Crystal Bowyer, Keith Tyschper, Emily Maxwell, Katelyn Danielski, Jessica Riley, Scott Livingston, and Lynne Foster.

June 2013: A huge thank you to everyone who came out June’s SSC event at at RM Champagne Salon. We raised $3,730 for the The Autism Society of Illinois which provides Special Education Advocacy for families, and the money raised last night will help provide grants for families in need.  Our guest hosts were: Libby Wojda, David Geslak, Carrie Beeks, Autumn Sutton.

May 2013: Thank you to everyone who came out to to May’s SSC at Chuck’s Manufacturing– we raised $2475 for the One Fund Boston! With your support, this money will be used to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013. Our guest hosts were: Colleen Hart, Alice Marder, Brett Reed, and Jamon Deaver.

April 2013: Thank you to everyone who continues to support us and came out to celebrate our four year anniversary at our April event at Nellcote. We raised $4,680 for The Julian D King Gift Foundation (founded by Jennifer Hudson and her sister, Julia) whosemission is to provide stability, support and positive experiences for children of all backgrounds to help enable them to grow to be productive, confident and happy adults. Our guest hosts were: Eric Ferguson – Eric and Kathy Show 101.9, Lou Canellis – Sports Anchor/FOX 32 News, Ryan Chiviarini – Host of “Windy City Live”, Jeff Joniak – Chicago Bears Play-by-Play Announcer, Pete Mc Murray – Host of “24/7 Chicago”, Catie Keogh – Host & Executive Producer of “24/7 Chicago”, Jane Monzures – Host of WGN’s “Living Healthy Chicago” & i101 Radio, Anna Davlantes – Anchor/FOX 32 “Good Day Chicago”, The Lovehammers, Ed Swiderski, DJ Megan Taylor, Jessica Zweig – Co-Founder, CheekyChicago, Lisa Frame – Blogger, #SOYEAHDUH, Alice Marder and Nadeem Syed.

March 2013: Thank you to everyone who came out to Stimulus Social Club’s March event on Wednesday, March 6 at Prasino. With your continued support, we raised $2250 for Amnesty International Chicago whose mission is to work towards a world in which every person – regardless of race, religion, gender, or ethnicity – enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards. Our guest hosts were: Monika Collins, Sarah Mulder, Julie McSweeney, and Cameron Croft.

February 2013: Thank you to everyone who came out to Stimulus Social Club’s February event on Wednesday, February 6, at John Barleycorn River North. With your support, we raised $3,803 for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Cook County whose mission is to protect abused and neglected children by providing them a voice in court, a safe and permanent home, and an opportunity to grow, learn and thrive. Our guest hosts were: Alicia Defauw-Christians, Anna Youkhana, Sandra Berkia, and Vic Fabris.

January 2013: Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the new year and give back with SSC at our January event on Wednesday, January 9th at Bar Umbriago. We raised $4320 for Atia’s Project Ladybug Fund whose mission is to improve the quality of life for children of cancer and their families during treatment.  Our guest hosts were: Laura Lutarewych, Rachel De Marte, Sara Scarlata, Adam Thomas, Ali Branch, Lauren Zeien, Ali Stone, Shari Duffy, Patrick Meyn, Kym Bielecki, Whitney Reynolds and Carrie Gowans.

December 2012: Thank you to everyone who came out for Stimulus Social Club’s December event on Wednesday, December 5, at City Winery. With your support, we raised $4,305 for Streetwise whose mission is to assist Chicago area men and women who are facing homelessness achieve personal stability by providing a combination of supportive social services and immediate access to gainful employment. Our guest hosts were: Veronica Resa, Olivia Pantoja, Carly Leviton, Kayla Klobe, Kristen Otterson, Edward Swiderski, Charity Gonzalez, Christine Perkins, Paul Adreani, Jimmy Song, and Megan Hirschey.

November 2012: Thank you to everyone who came out for Stimulus Social Club’s November event on Wednesday, November 7, at Stout Barrel House & Galley. With your continued support, we raised $3,410 for HEART Chicago whose mission is to foster compassion and respect for all living beings and the environment by educating youth and teachers in humane education. Our guest hosts were: Jeannie Lim, Katie Walsh, Shayla Rosen, Caroline Pakenham, Julie Browne, and Adam Browne.

October 2012: Thanks to all who came out for Stimulus Social Club’s October event on Wednesday, October 3, at Old Town Social. We raised $3,100 for Book Worm Angels whose mission is to foster the development of recreational reading habits beyond the classroom among students in underperforming schools. Our guest hosts were: Elena DeWolfe, Kathleen Newrones, Kylene Reese, Lindsay Rubin, Rebecca Kussman, and Mallory Ulaszek.

September 2012: Thank you to everyone who came out for Stimulus Social Club’s September event on Wednesday, September 5th, at Frontier. We raised $2830 for The Equestrian Connection whose mission is to is to continue to improve the quality of life of those with disabilities, emotional illness and paralysis, by providing services that fill voids and address unmet needs with the use of highly trained horses and skilled and experience therapists. Our guest hosts were: Megan Taylor, Peter Billmeyer, Jess Loren, Mark Domitrovich & Sandesh Bilgi.

August 2012: Thank you to all who came out on a beautiful summer night to support Stimulus Social Club’s August event onWednesday, August 1st, at Zella. With your support, we raised $3620 for the Chicago Dance Institute whose mission is to offer in-school partnerships so children can experience music and movement integrated into their curriculum exposing them to creativity, expression, culture, and self-confidence. Our guest hosts were: Megan Taylor, Shayla Rosen, Katie Walsh, Ed Swiderski, Nicole Kawell & Jennifer Tengelsen.

June 2012: Thank you to everyone who came out for Stimulus Social Club’s June event on Wednesday, June 6th at the new Mercer 113. The $4,870 we raised for the Ferrer Foundation will allow 200 children to go on a field trip of their choice and have a healthy meal. Thank you for your support and help in making this happen! Our guest hosts were: Francesca P. Salamone, Meghan Olson, Tim Drover, Melissa Erke, Jacqualyn Laughlin, Darnell Martin, Meg McCabe, Brian Olson, Jennifer Reusing.

May 2012: Thank you to everyone who came out for Stimulus Social Club’s May event on Wednesday, May 2nd, at Benchmark. With your help we raised $4,320 for Reading in Motion whose mission is to get every at-risk student reading at or above grade level within the first years of school through the power and discipline of the arts. Our guest hosts were: Edward Swiderski, Joran Thompson, Jeremy Dubin, and Charity Gonzalez.

April 2012:  HUGE thank you to to everyone who came out to Stimulus Social Club’s 3-Year Anniversary event on Wednesday, April 4th, at Nellcote!!! With your support we raised $5600 for The Auxiliary Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, a group of young professionals and future community leaders who raise funds to support research programs at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Our guest hosts were: Lou Canellis, Sports Anchor for Fox Chicago News at 9pm; Eric Ferguson, of WTMX-FM, the Eric and Kathy Show; Ryan Chiviarini, Host of Windy City Live; Pete McMurray, The Pete McMurray Show on WLUP 97.9 and Co-Host of 24/7; Jane Monzures, The Pete McMurray Show on WLUP 97.9 and Host of Living Healthy Chicago; The Auxiliary Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital; Katie Jackson-Meara; Cameron Croft; Nick Scafiezzo; Sarah Vargo;  Sarah Mulder; Brittanie S. Chin; and Christine Perkins

March 2012: Thank you to everyone who came out to Stimulus Social Club’s March’s event on Wednesday, March 7th, at Moe’s Cantina River North. With your help we raised $5,800 for  Thresholds, one of Chicago’s most recognized and renowned social service agencies serving persons with severe and persistent mental illness.  Our guest hosts were: Arnie Becker, Olibia Stamatoglou, Joanna Niemczyk, Ryan Cotter & Katie Jackson-Meara.

February 2012: Thank you to everyone for making Stimulus Social Club’s February event at Quay such a success!  We raised $4865 for  The Goulden Touch- founded by Chicago Bears Kicker Robbie Gould.  The charity mission is simply to help those in need.  Robbie is committed to raise funds through events that are fun for participants. The Goulden Touch will make charitable donations in the areas of education, medical research and social services across all age, gender and racial lines.  The idea is to balance the incredible importance of giving to others while also making charitable giving fun. Our guest hosts were: Robbie Gould, Erica Stimac, Megan Taylor, Dan Ulbricht, Shayla Rosen, Katherine Walsh, Sara Jahn, and Ina Dorsey.

January 2012: Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the new year with Stimulus Social Club!  With all of your help, we raised $3030 for StandUp for Kids at January’s event at Vertigo Sky Lounge! These donations will assist StandUp for Kids accomplish their mission of ending the cycle of youth homelessness in Chicago. Our guest hosts were: Megan Taylor, Dan Ulbricht, Samantha Saifer Berngard, Azadeh Khazaei, Ajsa Salifoski and Kathleen Newrones.

December 2011: Thank you to everyone who came out for Stimulus Social Club’s December event on Wednesday, December 7th, at Standard Bar & Grill. It was great to celebrate the holidays and giving back to our local community with all of you!  With your help, SSC raised $2625 for Flashes Of Hope whose mission is to change the way children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses see themselves through the gift of photography. Our guest hosts were: Megan Taylor, Dan Ulbricht, Cindy Wilson, Jaime Baisley, Natalie McNeill, Christine Perkins, Anna Van Handel, Laura Lutarewych, Cessily Walker, Amaris Granado, Ben Mahoney, Beth Stock, Jay Crihfield, Carrie Gowans, Jill Zeugner, Irene Kostko and Amy O’Rorke

November 2011: A big thank you to everyone who came to Stimulus Social Club’s November event atBridge Bar.  With your help, we raised $3390 for the charity this month, is Bottomless Closet whose mission is to elevate the employment potential and marketability of women welfare recipients who want to work by providing clothing, at no charge, to women on assistance who don’t have suitable clothing to wear to a job interview. Our guest hosts were: Megan Taylor, Dan Ulbricht, Brie Zdenek, Staci DeCastecker and Eileen Ellis.

October 2011: We’re so thankful for the SSC regulars and newcomers who made Stimulus Social Club’s October 2011 event at Haymarket Brewery another success. We raised $3,606 for the charity this month, Special Olympics Illinoiswhose mission is to provide sports training and competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities by giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community. Our guest hosts were: an Ulbricht, Megan Taylor, Jaime Gilliland, Nicole Serr, Natalie Campbell & Holly Kramsey.

September 2011: A million thanks go out to those who came out to Stimulus Social Club’s September event at Frontier. With your help, we raised $4110 for our September charity, Kaleidoscope, whose mission is to serve abused and neglected families – unconditionally – through individualized, family-centered, community-focused care, so that every child to have a chance to lead an independent, self-sufficient, productive and happy life.

August 2011: Thanks to all the SSCers who came out to Zella’s amazing patio for Stimulus Social Club’s August event. You helped raise$4,180 for this month’s charity, Chicago Canine Rescuewhose mission is to find permanent, loving homes for homeless dogs in our city.

July 2011: Many thanks to all who came out to Crossing for another successful Stimulus Social Club event. We raised $2,703 for this month’s charity, Gilda’s Clubwhose mission is to create a welcoming community of free support for everyone living with cancer – men, women, teens and children – along with their families and friends.

June 2011: A huge thank you to those who came out to Stimulus Social Club’s June event at Old Town Social. With your help, we raised $4,552 for this month’s charity, Rock for Kidswhose mission is to provide music education to underserved children in Chicago, sparking creativity and passion, teaching critical thinking, supporting academic achievement and enriching young lives.

May 2011: Thanks to all of our enthusiastic SSCers who attended Stimulus Social Club’s May event at District! It was a BLAST! You helped raise $3,484 for the evening’s charity, Sit Stay Readwhose mission is to improve literacy skills and foster a love of learning in at-risk children through the use of trained volunteers and certified dog teams.

April 2011: We can’t believe it’s been two years!  A million thanks to our supporters for making our second anniversary at English a great success!  It’s with your help that Stimulus Social Club raised $5,405 for our designated charity, Girls on the Run Chicagowhose mission is to educate and prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living through experiential learning programs which encourage positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development.

March 2011: Thanks to everyone who attended Stimulus Social Club’s March event at Public House. With your help, we raised $5,111 for our designated charity, Multiple Solutions. And a special thanks to Marcus Riley for stopping by to snap some photos for NBC “Around Town”!

February 2011: Thanks to everyone who braved the coldest night of this beautiful Chicago winter to attend Stimulus Social Club’s February event at Benchmark. We raised $3,336 for Variety-Children’s Charity of Illinois.   You made it another fantastic SSC party!

January 2011: Thank you to everyone who attended the first SSC event of 2011. We raised $4,285 for the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center!

December 2010: Thank you to everyone who attended the SSC Holiday Party at Crimson Lounge. We raised $4,660 for the Night Ministry! Hope to see you in January!

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